Area Postcode TS

The postcode TS (Cleveland) is officially designated the Cleveland postcode area but is better know as Teesside, associated with the towns of Middlesborough, Stockton, and Hartlepool among others along the river Tees. It has some of the lowest property prices in England, has been in long-term decline as its industrial, steelworking, shipbuilding and surrounding mining base was eroded, becoming almost an icon of the ‘left behind’ in popular culture such as TV. Going forward it may well benefit from political initiatives, for example the ‘freeport’ proposals. This area and Sunderland may be among the outperformers in 2019 as the ripple effect washes out to the Tees - this awaits further data for confirmation and may be undermined by any actual hindrances to trade or simply risk-aversion from foreign investors. A large proportion of property in this and surrounding areas has not recouped the prices of 2007.